Team Tactics

Team cohesion is the foundation of

operational effectiveness

How effective is your workforce?

Lead by Commissioned Officers from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, our ‘Team Tactics’ package promises to challenge you and your Team.

We will asses your aptitude for communication, leadership and trust, using simple yet effective team building strategies. 

The first of its kind in Singapore.

Throughout this package we will conduct a series of leadership and leaderless tasks, know as Command Tasks, these aim to test your problem solving abilities as a team. 

Step outside the comfort zone of your office and into the territory of team building, where even your most junior team member can be afforded an opportunity to demonstrate their inner commander. 

2.5 Hour Bespoke Package, tailored to your needs and expectations. The opportunity for Physical activity or a more sedentary workshop. We will ensure you gain the most from your experience.