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Ministry of Fitness and SuperFly Monkey Dragons, are working together to bring you a whole new range of classes, for the benefit of our community
— Jess, Director
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Yoga Stretch

Compliment your fitness and exercise with Yoga Stretch. A dynamic practice that combines flexibility, mobility and breathwork for a therapeutic and detoxifying practice. Poses and movements aimed to stretch chest, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Poses are typically held for five to fifteen breaths, connecting the body and mind through deep myofascial release.
Suitable for students who are athletes, and those with pre-existing injuries.


Animal Flow

If you want a challenging workout session that works your whole body and leaves you feeling like a beast, then Animal Flow is your workout hit of choice.

Fusing quadrupedal and ground-based movement with other bodyweight movement disciplines, Animal Flow uses multi-planar movement, performed fluidly in order to engage your whole body, moving your joints through their full range of motion in order to strengthen and increase mobility.

Animal flow is a incredible full body workout focusing on balance, co-ordination, strength and mobility that provides a great foundation for all other physical activities.



Pilates Bootcamp is a Low Impact workout that focuses on exercises that build a strong upper body and core, sculpted posterior chain and long lean leg muscles. The controlled pilates movements increase flexibility and range of motion, improve overall posture and boost the mind-body connection. Most importantly improving our athletic performance and lowering our risk in sustaining an injury. This low impact workout is perfect on recovery days. Higher repetitions in various exercises. Props such as resistance bands, balls and small weights will be used.


Parkour Fitness

During the classes, you will be exposed to a range of conditioning exercises to improve your body co-ordination, build strength and increase flexibility. You will learn fundamental parkour movements including:

- Balance
- Landing & Rolls
- Jumping
- Climbing
- Vaulting

Safety is always our number one priority. You will learn to understand your body, your capabilities as well as your limits. Learning parkour actually makes you safer, as you become stronger, more co-ordinated and more resilient, along with specific techniques for breaking falls.