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Parkour Fitness



During the class, you will be exposed to a range of conditioning exercises to improve your co-ordination, build strength and increase flexibility. You will learn fundamental Parkour movements including:

- Balance
- Landing & Rolls
- Jumping
- Climbing
- Vaulting

Safety is always our number one priority. You will learn you understand your body, your capabilities as well as your limits. Learning Parkour actually makes you safer, as you become stronger, more co-ordinated and more resilient, along with specific techniques for breaking falls.




Class Size

1 Hour

Parkour Technique




Max 10





Parkour Fitness FAQs


+ What kit do I need to bring?

You need to bring your Gym Kit & Trainers. Ensure you bring a water bottle; We provide the towels and have water despensers for you to refil.

+ Who is Strong by Zumba suitable for?

Strong by Zumba is suitable for all levels. Each move has three different variations for all abilities.

+ What is the different between Strong by Zumba and Zumba?

Zumba is fitness based on dance moves to the beat. Strong by Zumba uses plyometric and explosive moves interchanged with isometric moves all to the beat of the music.