our story

Who We Are

The Ministry of Fitness has been a vision since 2016, our Founder and Director Jessica Hinton has had a vision to integrate her Military background into a fitness framework which will benefit the wider community. After arriving in Singapore in February 2015, to be the Lead coach of a trampoline program called Jump Acrobat, it grew from strength to strength and the Singapore Trampoline Academy was formed in 2017. This was to provide high performance trampolining and develop trampoline athletes in Singapore.

It has been a long process to find not only the space but the right team members to ensure the vision is executed with military precision. Not only do we welcome William Petty, a Retired Army Officer, to take on the Program Lead for bootcamps but also Nur Faridie, our bootcamp instructor who has completed his National Service for Singapore.

The Ministry of Fitness is bringing lots of fitness styles and avenues together. The Bootcamp focus is to deliver Authentic, Realistic and Arduous training that challenges the mind and body to be robust and achieve the impossible.

“Dedicated to inspire individual achievement using a team ethos, motivating individuals to develop a physical and mental robustness transferrable into everyday life skills”